ALWAYS exciting: holding a new edition for the first time!!!

Holding a new edition for the first time is ALWAYS the most exciting thing!!!


Model Under Cover book 3 is now out in French!!! It was published on October 28th, is called Le Secret de Johnny Vane, and I couldn’t be more excited. I love the cover, love the graphics on the inside of the book, and love that French readers can now add it to their Fashion Detective collection! (Yup, in France Model Under Cover is known as Fashion Detective).





My French publisher, Editions Fleurus, created yet another colourful, fun cover that I think perfectly captures Axelle’s sassy spirit and sense of adventure. And I particularly like how on this new cover Axelle has her sunglasses pushed up on her head and wears her hair in one long thick plait. C’est très chic!

I also love how Axelle is holding super-cute and clever Halley! It was Aunt Venetia’s cat Miu Miu who graced the French covers of books 1 and 2, but considering how Halley has such a large role to play in solving book 3’s mystery, she should be on this one’s cover! You can check out Axelle’s other French covers at the bottom of the post.


When your puppy photobombs your book birthday cover shot!

When your puppy photobombs your book birthday cover shot!


For a quick peek at Fashion Detective: Le Secret de Johnny Vane click here. Or, to read the first chapter you can also head straight over to my publisher’s website (remember to click on the “Feuillter” option of the page you link to).


Yeeesss! I've updated my French website page. ;-)

Yeeesss! I’ve updated my French website page. check it out!


In the meantime, I hope you’re all enjoying the fall and having fun! And make sure you check back here again soon because my next post will be about my new puppy!!! (She is SOOOOOO cute!!! And, yes, she’s the sweetie in the above pic!)

Carina x


Book 1

Book 1, A Crime of Fashion, in French!


Book 2: Stolen with Style in French...

Book 2, Stolen with Style, looking très chic!

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