The haute couture (check out how to pronounce “haute couture” in the “How To Speak Supermodel” glossary at the back of A Crime of Fashion or Dressed to Kill!) fashion shows have just finished wrapping up in Paris and as usual, I followed them (Model Under Cover research!). Just a reminder: Haute Couture refers to the super gorgeous and super high end hand-made clothes that only a few of the fashion houses still make. They are shown in Paris, twice a year, and separately form the “normal” pret-a porter fashion shows.  There were, as always for the couture shows, some stunning dresses on the runways…but there was one in particular that reminded me of my favourite Disney animated films. Can you guess which one? Here it is:


How GORGEOUS is this???


If you guessed Beauty and the Beast then we’re on the same wavelength! It’s exactly what jumped to mind when I saw this yummy, lemony, fluffy Gaimbattista Valli number. Wouldn’t it be perfect for Belle? It’s SO the kind of gown she’d wear – and it’s even in “her” colour.


And have you noticed how even the runway looks like it could be out of Beauty and the Beast: the chandelier, gilded wood panelling, dainty ballroom chairs…


I cannot wait to see the new Disney live-action version starring Emma Watson! It’s out on March 17th and, yeah, you bet I’m counting the days. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, then what are you waiting for??? Click below to watch it!



I cannot wait to see Beauty and the Beast!!!


Here’s a Model Under Cover trivia question for you: Which Model Under Cover book features haute couture dresses? Scroll all the way down for the answer.



Dreamy blue from Elie Saab…


Pretty pastels and cinched waists at Chanel…


Another yummy ballgown from the Giambattista Valli show…

Answer: Dressed to Kill!!!


Happy reading!

Carina x


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