Hi everyone,

Since creating my first Pinterest board this winter, I’ve become a total fan! I find Pinterest is great way to convey the mood I’m trying to create for a book or a character. Plus, putting a board together is just plain fun! It really inspires me to search for images that I hope match the ones in my head.

The board I’m taking live today is called Detective Style, and, basically, it’s about just that. When it came time to create Axelle Anderson, the sixteen year old fashion detective of my new fashion detective series, Model Under Cover, I looked everywhere for images – starting with my memories of Miss Marple and Nancy Drew.

It was important to me that Axelle’s personal style hark back to the classic detective style – trench coats and trilbies – but without losing sight of the fact that she works in the here and now as an undercover model in the world of fashion.

So check out the images on my new Pinterest board and get into a fashion detective kind of mood – no magnifying glass required!

And don’t forget to let me know what you think…!

Carina x

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