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Happy Holidays! Here I am at The Pig on the Beach in Dorset, where I kicked off my holiday (over)eating!


Hey everyone! I would like to wish all of you very Happy Holidays! I’m SO excited about 2019 and I’ll have so much to share with you over the coming year. The first three books in my new book series, Royal Rebel, will be published in 2019. The first one, Royal Rebel, will be published on January 3rd, which is only a few days away!!! YAY! Book two, Royal Rebel: Designer, will follow in June, and book three, Royal Rebel: Stylist, will be published in September, so it’s going to be a busy year of writing, editing, book tours, and meeting lots of fabulous readers like you!

Also, stay tuned because this coming week, together with my U.K. punisher, I’ll launch a super fun ROYAL REBEL COMPETITION, right here on my website and on my social media, so make sure you check back! There are some SUPER CUTE PRIZES I’m royally excited to share with you. You’ll love them!

My website is also getting a new look this year. Right now I’m in the process of adding Royal Rebel fun stuff like new Royal Rebel videos and graphics, so make sure you check back to see it all. Plus I’m working on adding loads of updated material, like new writing tips(!), so that’s one more fabulicious reason to check back in a couple of weeks! For now, though, click here to head over to my new Royal Rebel page – then check back in a few weeks, when the new videos are up, to see how the page has changed!

This last year was filled with some highs – and some lows. Personally, one big and very exciting change for me in 2018 was finding my very pretty little mouse house cottage on the Dorset coast in England, which I use for writing. I had a little cottage I was renting in this part of Dorset before, one I kept for a couple of years…but my new cottage especially pleases me and I really, really love spending time here. I enjoy the stunning landscape (great for dog walks), my wonderful neighbours and friends, the slow pace and quaint coziness of life here – all which makes a wonderful contrast to my big-city trips and my time spent in Germany. My cute cottage by the sea is small, warm, and cosy. I have a writing room with just enough space for the books I need, plus a desk. Best of all, my writing room has a door that leads directly into the lovely garden at the back of my cottage, so on warm days I can leave the door open and the dogs can go in and out as they please and I can hear birdsong as I write, which is about as perfect as life gets for me, really!

My biggest low of 2018 was losing two of our beloved black Labradors. One, Amber, was mine, and the other, Wilma, was my partner’s. We’d had them since they were young dogs and they were the loveliest, sweetest friends we could have asked for. I get a little bit of consolation knowing they both lived long, happy lives – Amber was nearly 15 years old and Wilma was close to 16. They were best friends and we were pretty sure that when one of them died the other would follow soon afterwards – which is effectively what happened: Amber died in July and Wilma in August. Another small consolation is that they both died at home in Germany, in their beds. I held Amber whilst she was put to sleep. It was horrible but I’d rather she died that way than any other. If you have a dog or cat or horse or any other pet you love dearly, please give your lovely fur-baby a hug from me and remember to give them all the love you can for as long as you are lucky enough to have them!


Carina Axelsson Royal Rebel

Click on the pic above to see a short video of the girls at the Mouse House, feelin’ the Christmas seaside breeze…


At the moment I am working on the last round of editing for Royal Rebel book 2, plus I’m starting to write book 3, all while gearing up for my upcoming book tours for book 1. Writing Royal Rebel has been a blast and I have enjoyed every second of flipping the conventional princess story on its head! In case you haven’t yet checked out my Royal Rebel page, here’s little bit about the series: my main character, Princess Lily, is a dynamic thirteen year old with some strong ideas about what she should do with her life – yet she is also a Crown Princess and future queen of the world’s only queendom, Waldenburg. Like lots of kids, Lily struggles with doing what her parents want her to do – be the perfect princess and future queen – and what she wants to do – have her own vlog showcasing all her DIY fashion projects – something the palace would not approve of…So what does Lily do? Can she keep her vlog a secret? You have to read the series to find out!!!

I mentioned that Lily is the future queen of the world’s only queendom – a place I’ve created and called Waldenburg. It’s a tiny queendom high in the mountains between Germany and France and has only ever been ruled by queens. In fact, in Waldenburg men are not allowed to rule! Also, kids take their mothers surname name when they are born and all inheritance passes through women. The monarchy, parliament, and all other key positions in the queendom are held by women. There is no women’s movement in Waldenburg – there is no need for one! But there is a mens’ and boys’ movement! I hope you’ll have as much fun reading about Waldenburg as I have had creating it! 

I wish you all a 2019 filled with a ton of love, lots of exciting new projects, good health, good school results, lots of yummy cakes and cupcakes – and masses of good books to read!!!

Thank you for reading my books, thank you for having a look at my blog, and, most of all, thanks for all of your lovely messages and good vibes!

Happy holiday reading!

Carina x




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