Happy New Year! I’ve been away from my blog for a while but I hope you all had a lovely holiday season! Doesn’t the month of December fly by? Between writing deadlines, drawing deadlines, decorating the trees and house, preparing lists of Christmas presents, then buying the presents, plus baking (!), plus eating the baking, an endless round of Christmas parties AND doing all the normal stuff like WORK (and there always seems to be more at Christmas), taking the dogs out, running the house, etc., time just DISAPPEARS, basically.

But I always have fun doing it all and that’s what counts, really, don’t you think?

For those of you not following me on Instagram (and you should be!!!), here’s a quick peek at what I did over the holidays:


I love decorating the Christmas trees…and I enjoy it even more with my dogs around.

Getting the downstairs tree ready with the help of my fur-baby elves!


Aren’t they sweet! My Cocker Spaniel dream team!

Dream team or double trouble – I can’t decide!


If those eyes aren’t saying “PLEASE”, nothing does!

My taste-testing team, ready to try a sample of my chocolate-peppermint filled-choclate-dipped cookies. One word: Yuuummmmm!


LOOK at the fabulous Christophe Robin giveaway swag I included in my Christmas competition…

I held a MUC giveaway with some fab swag – all the more reason to follow me on Instagram or Facebook!


Thank you to all of the readers who set me pics and letters and emails over the holidays – I loved hearing from all of you!

I was sent lots of lovely pics from readers! Here’s MUC book 3 in French…


One thing I always squeeze in at this time of the year is some kind of commissioned art work. This year it was a Christmas card for my friend and hair colourist, Christophe Robin. I’ve been doing Christophe’s Christmas cards off and on for the last twenty years and always have a blast doing them. This year’s included the fabulous interiors of his beautiful new Paris salon. I was thrilled to receive my printed copies in the mail!


I had such fun drawing this card!


If this ornament doesn’t make you laugh, nothing will!

And if you’ve never seen a fish wearing a wig – now you have!


I escaped to Dorset over the holidays, too. I love it Dorset!

I was in beautiful Dorset over the holidays, too! Travel tip: Don’t bother trying to have a good hair day in Dorset – it’ll never work!


Yes, I gained weight over the holidays!!!

No, the pig is not real! Standing outside the Pig on the Beach in Dorset, where I ate like a…yup, you guessed it…


I was in Scotland to ring in the New Year. I was thrilled to be there because I love Scotland! And I hadn’t been since last August when I was there for my Model Under Cover event at the Edinburgh Book Festival….so it was time for another visit, this time to the gorgeous Highlands!

There’s nothing like a dog walk in the Highlands.


I think New Year’s Eve is special – although I don’t think you necessarily need to do anything special to celebrate it. Sometimes a quiet night in, watching a good film and maybe making yourself a nice dinner, is the best way to do it. But no matter where I am or what I’m doing to celebrate New Year’s, I have to have my dogs with me!

My favourite Christmas clutch (by Lulu Guinness). It always looks better with a fur-baby next to it, though! I wore it on New Year’s Eve.


And now I’m back home, in the mountains, and back at work on a secret project I’m excited about. I can’t wait to tell you what it’s all about!

A little fur-baby love helps me ease back into my writing routine…


It’s still looking very Christmas-y here in Germany, though, which is nice…

I’v never met a dog who doesn’t LOVE running through fresh snow…


That’s it for now because if I carry on I’ll be here all night. But if you’d like to see more pics of  what I did over the holidays head over to my Instagram page here.

I wish you all a fabulous 2017 filled with much love, good health, happy times, success in school and work…and a TON of great books to read! AND THANK YOU for being my readers!!! You’re THE BEST!!! Here’s to many more happy times together in the coming year!


Carina x



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