I love getting snail mail! And there's nothing like a gorgeous MUC drawing to make my day!

I love getting snail mail! And there’s nothing like a gorgeous MUC drawing to make my day!

I have the BEST readers and they send me the coolest #modelundercover #fanart! So I’m sending you all a HUGE thank you for the brilliant Model Under Cover fan pictures, school reports, book reviews and art work that you send me. Seeing your gorgeous, creative, razzle-dazzle stuff always, ALWAYS, makes my day!

Some of you tag me on Instagram to show me your pictures. Others of you write to me directly via the Contact page of my website and send me your school projects that way. And still some of you send me hand-written letters, which is pretty amazing.

But, however you do it, just know that I love it and appreciate all the effort and creativity that you put into your Model Under Cover art work. In fact, as those of you following me in Instagram know, I can’t help reposting pics of your #fanart (when I have your permission!) – often for #fanphotofriday. Speaking of which, below (and above) are a few of the fab images I’ve received lately…

Please keep them rolling in. I LOVE them!!!

Carina x


MUC4 cover art

Fan photo with dog

MUC School Report

MUCS by RosaCosa

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