Carina Axelsson World Book Day

At Francis Holland, in the heart of Chelsea, London. So many lovely readers!

I’ve just returned from my World Book Day (in the U.K. and Ireland it was on Thursday March 1st) tour, half of which I spent in and around London, England, and the other half in Copenhagen, Denmark. I met lots of super lovely enthusiastic readers of all ages and had SUCH A BLAST sharing my thoughts on books, writing, reading and fashion.

Carina Axelsson World Book Day

World Book Day! At the Green School, with fab librarian and book blogger, Emma Gray.


Carina Axelsson Waterstones

Walking to Waterstones bookstore – in the snow!

I’ve never seen London dusted in white – and talk about cold! Although the snow made getting around a bit tricky, it was beautiful. I won’t ever forget how magical the view was as I walked up Piccadilly Road on my way to Waterstones to sign some books. It really was like walking in a giant snow globe. London Wonderland!

World Book Day was a snowy one in the U.K. this year! Here’s Buckingham Palace in the snow.


Carina Axelsson

I stopped by my agent’s office for a long book chat. Lots of exciting plans for this year!

Carina Axelsson

At my publisher, Usborne, making plans for my new series, Tiara Girl. Stay tuned!


After London, I continued my World Book Day tour in Copenhagen…

Carina Axelsson Copenhagen

Amalienborg Palace. It was snowing when I took this picture, although you can’t tell from the photo.


Carina Axelsson Books & Company

Happy to be at my favourite English book store in Copenhagen: Books & Company!


Carina Axelsson

It looks like I’m trying to do magic, or exercise, or something…in fact, just talking all things MUC.

In Copenhagen I visited bilingual and international schools – so, YES, thank goodness, all the students spoke English and, no, I DID NOT have to even attempt to speak Danish. WHEW! I also had an event at my favourite independent English bookstore in Copenhagen, the super cosy and cute-as-a-book-worm, Books & Company. My event happened to fall on International Women’s Day, so there was a lot of empowering talk:

Carina Axelsson

Celebrating International Women’s Day! Love the T-shirt on the far right.

What was hugely exciting for me on this tour was that I was finally able to talk about my new series, Tiara Girl (see my last post). YAY! The feedback was great and I think readers are really going to love diving into Princess Lily’s girl-power, tiara-wearing, dog-loving, world! Book 1, Secret Fashion Princess, will be published in August 2018, so stay tuned…

Carina Axelsson Tiara Girl

Tiara Girl: Secret Fashion Princess will be mouton august 9th. I an’t wait!!! Click on the pic to find out more…

Now I’m back at my writing desk and I’m working on the very last round of editing of Secret Fashion Princess. It’s almost finished, which is a very exciting feeling. At the same time I’m working on the second book in the series – it still doesn’t have a title – and getting ready for some more exciting Model Under Cover events which I’ll be doing this spring.

I just want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the amazing readers who made my tour such FUN! You are the best and I had an amazing time meeting each of you! Thank you so much for making my World Book Day tour so special!

Carina x

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  1. Millie

    Hi are you going to write another MUC book! I love them!

    1. Carina Axelsson Post author

      Yeeessss! You bet I’m going to write another MUC book! I’m not sure when…I am concentrating on launching my new series, Royal Rebel, first, but as soon as I can I will write another MUC mystery for Axelle to crack. 🙂 Carina x

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