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Read Royal Rebel chapter 1 now!

Hey everyone!

Royal Rebel chapter 1 is here! So click on the fabulous cover above and get ready to meet Her Royal Highness Princess Lilian Athena Isabella Marie, the heir to the throne of the fairytale like Queendom of Waldenburg!


As the future queen of the world’s only queendom (YES!!!), Lily is busy learning all about how to run a country – while trying to keep her HUGE secret a, well…secret. That’s no easy task when you’re the heir to the throne and the palace is watching your every move – AND your secret happens to be the hottest teen fashion DIY vlog.

Lily is desperate to keep vlogging in her secret tower at the palace – it’s the only time she can be herself, without her parents, grandmother, bodyguards, or anyone else at the palace peering over her shoulders and commenting on everything she does, says, and wears. But as more and more viewers tune in to hear Lily’s fashion DIY tips on her fast-growing vlog, Tiara Girl, will Lily be able to keep her royal identity under wraps?


I had such a blast writing Royal Rebel and I cannot wait to share Lily’s story with all of you! Royal Rebel book 1 will be published by my royally fabulous publisher, Usborne, in the U.K. this coming January, so not much longer to go! Right now I’m writing the second book in the series, with more of Lily’s royal adventures on the way.

This series is about so many of my favourite things: comedy, girl power, fashion, dogs, palaces, ponies, feminism, and even a tiara or two…I can’t wait for you all to read it!

Till then, I hope you enjoy the first chapter. Let me know what you think in the comments below or send me an email via my Contact page. And make sure you stay tuned here (or follow me on Instagram and Facebook) for all Royal Rebel updates. In the lead up to publication there will be more royal announcements, giveaways and fun stuff coming your way – no curtseying required! So start polishing your favourite tiara now!

Royally yours,

Carina x


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  1. Isabella

    I can’t wait for this book to come out!! It looks so good and love that Lily is a princess as it gives the book an interest twist. Lily’s character seems so energetic and fun and I can’t wait to see what happens with her blog! I’m so excited for January!

    Also will you be writing anymore model undercover books??

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