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With some of the books purchased with my 2015 fundraising.

Support your local library! As a child my parents took me to our local library every week, something I absolutely loved! It was the highlight of my week and our visits were never long enough for me. I loved exploring the various libraries – there were a few we went to regularly – and I can still feel the excitement of discovering new titles, or finding old favourites to check out again, and again, and again…well, you get the picture.

Anyway, because I enjoyed libraries so much as a child, I’m very keen on helping them out now, as an adult. I do this by selling a Christmas Advent calendar I designed and illustrated. I sell them throughout the year in various local shops and also through my network of friends. Sometimes when I go to London, for instance, I take a box of them with to sell. I also sell them at parties I’m invited to – anywhere, basically, where I think I can flog them and get away with it!

The sales results are tallied at the end of winter, every year. And then my local library puts together a list of books that they think the kids frequenting the library would like. After I okay the list, they place the order, and PRESTO! – the books arrive every year in time for the Easter holiday. That’s when we take the yearly photo (yeah, the one you see above) and let everyone know that the new books have arrived.

When I started raising money for my local library, my only stipulation was that the funds raised go towards the kids’ department. The library has honoured this wish…so the kids’ department is really starting to fill up quite nicely! In the above photo I’m posing with some of the books purchased with my 2015 fundraising.

Please, please support your local library either by checking out books whenever you can or by coming up with a fund-raising scheme of your own. Every little bit helps and if we don’t use them we’ll lose them!

Carina x


local library

In one of the local newspapers, announcing the arrival of the new books.

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