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While I was in London earlier this month for my Deadly by Design book tour, I met journalist and book lover, Andrea Reece, at my publisher’s, Usborne, headquarters where we talked about Model Under Cover – and fashion, detectives and girl power! Andrea was there to interview me for the online book magazine for kids, Books for Keeps. I had a great time talking to her and our time together sped by…

In the interview we touch on lots of really interesting subjects including the relationship between Axelle and her romantic interest, Sebastian. I really enjoyed talking to Andrea about the relationship aspect of Model Under Cover because when writing the series I always have it in mind that I do not want to have a heroine who hangs out by the phone waiting for the guy she likes to call her. I want to write about someone who is so busy following her dream that she only makes space in her life for someone very special, someone who really cares for her and understands her.

We also spoke a lot about girls in general. Of course, I love girls! And I think that any girl is capable of doing whatever she wants in life. So when I started writing the Model Under Cover books it was natural for me to write about a clever and strong girl lead character. Someone who has no fear of what other people think about what she does, someone who only knows that she has to do what’s in her heart – and in Axelle’s case it’s to solve mysteries. She’s not mean or nasty in the way she goes about doing what she loves to do…but she is determined – and I think that’s a great quality to have!

Andrea and I also discussed fashion. In fact, her first question to me was: Carina, what are you wearing? I thought that was fun! (And, yeah, my answer is in the article.)

So head over to Books for Keeps and let me know what you think!

Carina x

Click on the image to read my girl power interview!

Click on the image to read my girl power interview!


Deadly by Design by Carina Axelsson

I did the Books for Keeps interview while on my Deadly by Design book tour!









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