Paris has always been beautiful - and will always be beautiful...nothing can change that.

Paris has always been beautiful – and will always be beautiful…

Thank you so much to those of you who have contacted me on my social media about lovely Paris and the tragic events of a few days ago…My followers know how much the city means to me and how much I enjoyed the many years I lived there. It’s the glittering setting for A Crime of Fashion, the first book in the Model Under Cover series, and a city, that for many reasons, is close to my heart…

It’s the city I was living in when I finally decided to give writing a real try (it took me forever to make the jump!) and, more specifically, it’s also the city that inspired me with the idea of a writing a series about a teen girl who solves fashion crimes. I can still remember the idea hitting me, and then dashing off to my desk to write the first notes and brief draft about Axelle – all of which I eventually turned into A Crime of Fashion.

Two weeks ago A Crime of Fashion was published in France by my French publisher, Fleurus. There, the book goes by the name of L’Affaire Moon and the series is called Fashion Detective. I love both the series name (!) and the totally cute cover of L’Affaire Moon. Now I just can’t wait to meet French readers!

I LOVE the book's cover!!!

I LOVE the book’s cover!!!

To help launch the book I have a couple of events planned over the weekend of the 5th and 6th of December – events I’m super excited about and will hopefully be doing despite the recent sad events. The first one will be on the afternoon of Saturday the 5th, at the Paris Book Fair (Salon du Livre et de la Presse Jeunesse), and the second will be on the afternoon of the 6th at the wonderful WHSmith book store on the rue de Rivoli.

Not all event details are confirmed yet, but as soon as they are I’ll let you know here, on my blog, so please keep checking back…

And in the meantime, let’s keep praying for Paris…

Carina x

I love Paris!

I love Paris!


I'm so excited about the publication of L'Affaire Moon!!!

I’m so excited about the publication of L’Affaire Moon!!!


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