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Come and meet me at WHSmith Paris for an afternoon of Model Under Cover fun! I’ll be holding an event there on Sunday 6 December at 3pm, and I’m really, really looking forward to it because this bookstore has special meaning for me…

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When I lived in Paris – for more than a dozen years! – I spent hours (actually, sometimes entire DAYS) hanging out in this store looking at books, buying books, and checking out the English and American magazines. I relished pushing open the heavy glass door that fronts the busy rue de Rivoli and feeling it swish shut behind me. Whatever thoughts may have been kicking around in my head were immediately forgotten as the cosy bookish ambiance and that special “book store sound” – the one of hushed voices, pages turning and contemplative, happy interest as people browse the new titles tables – took over.

WHSmith Paris is always busy and bustling so on those days when I needed a bit of quiet I would head up the creaky old wooden carpeted stairs that lead to the first floor. There, the low ceilings and cubby-hole rooms made me feel as if I’d stepped into a Dickens novel. The kids books are upstairs, so I often spent a lot of time up there – and so are the history books, another section I loved to peruse. Downstairs, though, in their fab classics section, was where I’d get my 19th century English lit fix. LOVE!!!

So, yeah, I’m super excited about doing an event in this book store! Plus it’s in Paris (!!!), in a stunning location right in the heart of the city. And it’s even in a beautiful old building.


I love Paris!

I love Paris!

By the way, just a quick note for UK readers who are familiar with the WHSmith stores in England…this Paris branch is quite different to the ones in the UK! Although the Paris store does sell some book accessories, stationary and magazines, it is really and truly a book store with wall to wall shelves packed full with all kinds of titles. It’s comforting and old-fashioned, with places to sit and a lovely view through the windows that look over the beautiful Tuileries park. It’s a total gem. And I’m thrilled to be a part of it on December 6th!

Carina x

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