I love the French cover of Model Under Cover - known in France as Fashion Detective!

I love the French cover of Model Under Cover – known in France as Fashion Detective!

Ooh la la, MUC readers, get ready to see Model Under Cover in France!

The first book in my fashion detective book series will be published in France on October 23rd, 2015!!! And check out the super cute cover – I absolutely love it!

So what will the series be called in France?

Fashion Detective.

And what’s the title of the first book?

A Crime of Fashion will be called L’Affaire Moon in France.

Will the books be the same? Or have changes been made for the French edition?

No changes have been made. The translation has remained totally faithful to my original manuscript – although, it does seem to have acquired a certain je ne sais quoi – just by virtue of being translated into French!

I’m often asked if I have anything to do with the translations of foreign editions…the answer is no, I don’t! The responsibility of translating my books rests entirely upon the shoulders of my publishers.

Translating is not easy work! It’s a highly specialised craft that requires a very instinctive feel not only for finding the right words, but also for what an author’s voice is like. Every writer has their own “voice” and it’s not easy to capture the nuance, humour and mood that someone you’ve never met is trying to convey. That’s why translators tend to specialise in certain genres.

My publisher, Editions Fleurus Jeunesse, specialises in kids books and they are based in Paris. You can find out more about them here: Fleurus.

And FYI: I’ll do a couple of events in Paris for the book’s launch, including a book signing session at the Salon du Livres de Jeunesse a Montreuil 2015, on Saturday 5th December. Please keep checking back here on my blog to find out what other events I’ll be doing – and come and join me if you can!

In the meantime, bonne lecture!

(Yeah, that’s happy reading in French!)

Carina x

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