A Crime of Fashion's Japanese cover!

A Crime of Fashion’s Japanese cover!

Model Under Cover is now published in Japan – and I love, love, love the cover of book 1, A Crime of Fashion! Many thanks to my Japanese publisher, Hayakawa Books, for the stunning MUC cover!

I love how well both Axelle’s undercover fashion detective side and her glamorous model persona are captured. I also love the way intrigue and fun combine in the overall vibe of the image and I think the drawing does a great job of conveying danger, mystery and style (I love the skulls!). Some of the Paris sights that Axelle explores in book 1, like the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, are on the cover, too – and I love that Halley and Miu Miu are on the cover, too!

I’m often asked if I get to choose the covers of my foreign editions. The answer is no, I don’t! I’m sent the initial cover ideas for final approval – and I can veto a choice if I really, really, really don’t like it (and my agent agrees with me) – but it’s not like I get to dictate what I’d like to have on the cover – or not. The publishers are in charge. Again, every country is different, and publishers know (at least  hope they do!) what their country, or market, likes, so I have to trust that they are doing what’s best for my book in their own market.

Another question I’m often asked if I have any say in the translated editions of my books…well, the answer is, that depends on whether I speak the language or not! Now, I don’t speak Japanese (unfortunately!)…so, again, I just have to believe and trust that my publishers stay true to my original manuscripts. However, when one of my books is translated into a language that I do speak and read, like French, then I definitely have a go at reading the translated manuscript before it’s printed. But, in general, publishers are experts at what they are do, and they want their edition to be what the author originally intended it to sound like and read like.

But to get back to Japan…now I can’t wait to see the cover for book 2!!!

Carina x


Japan Model Under Cover

Me with my Japanese publisher at the Frankfurt Book Fair.




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