Model Undercover

There’s nothing as exciting as holding a new baby…er…I mean book!!!

Woohoo (!), U.S. readers, book 3 in the series, Model Undercover London, Deadly by Design, will be in U.S. bookstores in exactly one week from today, on January 5th! So get cracking all you lovely Model Undercover readers and head over to your nearest local bookstore to place your order now and start your year off with Axelle in London as she solves her fab new fashion mystery!

Model Undercover London, Deadly by Design is also available for pre-order on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites now, too. So no excuses, basically!  😜

And TO READ THE FIRST CHAPTER head over to my publisher’s website and scroll down a bit on their page.

Model Undercover

And, yeah, I LOVE my cover!!!

But if you absolutely, really and truly can’t wait to read something about the book RIGHT NOW, here’s a teaser:

London is calling! So when a deliciously dangerous case lands right on her London doorstep, sixteen year old top model and secret sleuth Axelle Anderson can’t resist strapping on her high heels and snapping on her shades to track down the person who attacked fashion photographer Gavin.
But what’s the deal with the mysterious memory stick full of photos? And why do the clues keep leading her back to a certain well known London fashion family? And can Axelle stop getting distracted by a certain mega-cute boy band member long enough to stop a killer in their tracks?

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me please leave a comment below or send me a message using the Contact page of my website. If you’re following me on Instagram you can also send me a message there. I answer all my messages and mail personally, so give me a few days to respond, please! I’m busy editing book 4 now – and it’s eating up all of my time!

That’s it! I hope you’ll love the book – I do! – and I can’t wait to hear what you think!!!

Carina x

I love the way my three MU covers look together! ❤️

I love the way my three MU covers look together! ❤️

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