I have a new video up – in French! A few days ago my lovely French publisher, Fleurus, posted a new video in which I talk about all things MUC – in French. And although I do speak French, being filmed whilst answering questions is actually…difficult. Especially when the following happens:


1.) The night before filming you wander the streets of Paris (for reasons of research, of course) with your good friend and fab hair colourist to the stars, Christophe Robin – the real life inspiration for Victor in A Crime of Fashion – which means you get to bed way, way, too late.

2.) You have to be at the Gare du Nord station at 7:30 in the morning to catch a train. I don’t know about you, but 7:30 train times are not my fave – especially when I’m supposed to be looking camera ready when I step off the train!

3.) You arrive at the filming site with your chin covered in buttery crumbs from all the croissants you scarfed down on the train ride there. You then wipe off half your makeup getting the crumbs off your face.

4.) It’s pouring buckets, and although Paris looks beautiful in the rain – you don’t. Especially not your hair. Or mine, at any rate. (See video.)

5.) Your French is not formidable, even at the best of times – and especially not at 9 in morning when having a bad hair day. It also doesn’t help when you haven’t been speaking French in ages!


Thankfully my publisher is SO NICE. They kept telling me that he crumbs didn’t matter, that everything looked fine and that my French was totally très bien. And while I might not be sure about any of that, the fact is, my publisher did a fantastic job of putting the cutest video together. So check it out because I love it! Axelle looks super cute and I love the sound effects. And I got to speak directly to French MUC readers, which, actually, is super, super cool! Vive la France! I’m ready to shoot my next video in français!!!…I think…  🙂

Carina x

fashion detective video

I’m so excited about the publication of L’Affaire Moon!!!

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