Hi everyone,

Get your sunglasses and beach towel ready for some fun summer reading! The US publication date for  Model Under Cover: A Crime of Fashion, is now set for JULY 1st – just in time to enjoy some summer sleuthing while you work on your tan and hit the barbecue! Awesome!

As for the US title, it’ll be as follows (drum roll, please!):

Model Under Cover: Paris

A Crime of Fashion

So, basically, the same as the UK title – but with a breezy American twist.

Do I sound excited yet?

I’ll keep you posted on the US cover…

Carina x

ps: Below c’est moi with my super-cool and unflappable US editor, Steve Geck, from Sourcebooks, at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair.

With Steve Geck FBF 2103

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