If you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll know that I’m in the process of redoing my writing room. In fact, I’m not just redecorating it – I’m actually moving it to a different room. A more quiet room. I’m SO excited my new writing room because the one I’d been using was a spare room that I put an IKEA desk into, along with some shelves to keep my manuscripts and drawing paper. I did nothing else to the room – I left the old curtains and carpet and paper on the walls, so after years of using that room I can’t wait to settle into a new and improved one.

So what do I think a writing room should be like?

Well, for starters, it doesn’t have to be a large room – in fact, with writing rooms, I find small is good: it’s cosy and gives your mind less possibilities to wonder (at least my mind). And you can, after all, tuck a desk in just about anywhere: a quiet corner of your bedroom, or even, if you can forget the Harry Potter connotation, a cupboard under the stairs – as long as you have good lighting! (Scroll all the way down for some stylish inspiration for a bedroom “writing corner”.)

I seem to remember reading that prolific author Stephen King, at the beginning of his writing career, wrote his first best-selling titles in a sort of broom closet near the kitchen in his house (If you want to be an author and haven’t read his book “Stephen King: On Writing”, get on it – it’s fantastic!!!).

Garden huts are another popular option – Raohl Dahl famously wrote most of his best-loved titles in one. I’ve never had a garden hut, but I have writer friends who do and they love them. What IS IMPORTANT is that you have a space you can call your own. A space where you can SHUT THE DOOR and forget about the outside world.

So what’s my writing room going to look like? Well, the walls are pink (!!!) and there will, naturally, be bookshelves. The room has three large windows overlooking the surrounding countryside, so I’m lucky that it’s flooded with light all day. I’ll have a carpet on the slippery wooden floor, so my dogs and I don’t slip, and there will be dog beds scattered around. There will also be a small single bed that will double as a sofa, for reading (and, er…uhm, yeah, procrastinating and daydreaming, too…).


Carina Axelsson writing room

I can’t wait to start writing in here!


Here are five things I like to have in my writing room:

1.) A window. I like to have a view to look at (no matter whether urban or countryside), plus I find that when I’m tapping away at my computer for hours at a time, a bit of natural light makes life much nicer. Just ask my eyes!

2.) Some bookshelves. This is an obvious one, I know. But my point is that I like to have some shelves within arm’s reach. This makes it super easy-peasy to just reach out and look up a word in my trusty dictionary or find some fact or photo in whatever research books I’m using for the book I’m writing.

3.) A mood board. I can’t live without a mood board! I like mine to be as large as possible and easy to reach, so I don’t have to struggle to change the images I pin up. In my new room my mood board will hang over my drawing desk. This way I can see it easily from anywhere in my writing room. (TIP: If you don’t have enough free wall space to hang a mood board, make one on Pinterest! I make one for all of my books on Pinterest because I find it super useful when i travel and – obviously – can’t stuff my mood board in my suitcase!

4.) Wifi! Another obvious one…unless you live in the countryside like I do. The thick walls of the house I live in, coupled with my mountainous location, means that having Wifi is not a given. But I need it for research and posting blog pieces like this one, so I made sure to choose a spot where I knew Wifi reception would be pretty good most of the time. Whew!

5.) Dog beds and water bowl. My dogs are my support team! They are always happy to lend an interested ear when I’m reading a new chapter out load (and hey don’t seem to mind how rubbish it may sound, bless them!) and are always thrilled to accompany me on a long walk to sort out some plot snag. So it’s important that my support team find my writing room as comfy-cosy as I do. And that, for my fur-babies, means an assortment of soft beds to curl up in and a large bowl of fresh water in a quiet corner. Not to mention a stash of dog treats in a desk drawer…


Carina Axelsson writing room

The pink walls of my (hopefully) soon to be finished writing room…


Stay tuned for some pictures of my writing room once it’s finished!

In the meantime, scroll down and check out the inspiring authors’ writing rooms below, all of which you can find on Pinterest.

Happy writing!

Carina x


Cornelia Funke writing room

Cornelia Funke in her gorgeous Beverly Hills, California writing room. How cool is it??? SUPER COOL, that’s what.


Roald Dahl writing room

Roald Dahl’s famous garden writing hut.


Judy Blume writing room

Judy Blume’s (LOVE her!!!) pretty Key West, Florida writing room. It must be nice looking out onto that lush garden…


Maggie Stiefvater writing room

This is Maggie Stiefvater’s fab writing room. If you follow her on Instagram you’ll know it from there.


Vita Sackville-West writing room Sissinghurst Castle

This is Vita Sackville-West’s famous turret writing room at her home, Sisinghurst Castle. I’d love to visit it – it’s open to the public. What ambiance!


Carina Axelsson writing room

I found this cute pic on Pinterest, and I think it perfectly illustrates how you can make a stylish writing “corner” in a bedroom. Also, I love the mood board!


Carina Axelsson writing room

And another cute bedroom “writing corner” idea, this one from Teen Vogue. Love all the colour!

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