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The old writing cliché states “write about what you know”. And while I don’t entirely agree with that…after all, what are our imaginations for (???), I nevertheless set my new teen fashion detective series, Model Under Cover, within a context I know well: fashion.

With this blog post I thought I’d show you how some of my personal experiences in fashion shaped more than a little of my sixteen year old detective Axelle Anderson’s, experiences, too.

Vogue US image 1 copy

This image is from American Vogue (photographer: Ellen von Unwerth, editor: Grace Coddington), and I love it because it clearly illustrates how vertically-challenged (by modelling standards, anyway!) I am. That’s me, second from the left, and the gorgeous glamazon left of me is Eva Herzigova. Being small made getting jobs that much more difficult for me because I couldn’t fit into half of the clothes I was supposed to wear! Like me, my detective, Axelle, is also a bit on the small side – simply because that’s how I experienced being a model!

Vogue Italian image copy 2

In A Crime of Fashion, Axelle shows up at her first shoot ever, and overhears the fashion team she’ll be working with that day discuss their inspiration for the hair, make-up and styling for the shoot. That’s a scenario that really does happen on shoots, and this photo, for Italian Vogue (photographer: Ellen von Unwerth), was inspired by images of Bianca Jagger on her wedding day to rocker Mick Jagger. This, by the way, is the closest I’ve ever been to the rock star lifestyle!

Elle cover copy

In  A Crime of Fashion, Axelle is booked to shoot a half-day of beauty for French Elle. Again, this was inspired by my own experiences – in this case shooting for Dutch Elle. One thing Axelle won’t be experiencing, though, is  short hair! Although some girls look amazing with short hair, I have only two things to say about it for myself: Never. Again.

So there you go, a short blast from my fashion past showing how, as a writer, our personal experiences can sometimes have a strong influence on our character’s lives!

Carina x

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