Carina Axelsson Royal Rebel Competition

Join my Royal Rebel Competition and start collecting your super cute Royal Rebel patches today!

Calling all readers: Royal Rebel book 1 will be published on January 3rd, so to celebrate I’ve got a royally fabulous ROYAL REBEL COMPETITION that’s ready to be launched just for you – and, FAB NEWS: I’m giving all my readers following me here and on my social media an exclusive head start. So to win your own super cute iron-on Royal Rebel patch, just like the one in the photo above, all you have to do is have some fun creating your own family coat of arms!

To join our Fashion Your Own Future competition just follow these easy-peasy steps:

  1. Click here and head straight over to my publisher’s fabuliciously special ROYAL REBEL competition page.
  2. Once there, download the entry form.
  3. Then, create your own personal coat of arms in the blank space provided. Princess Lily in Royal Rebel has THE COOLEST family coat of arms – it has a white rearing unicorn against a red background. How special can you make your own coat of arms? Be as creative as you can, really go all out! Use your favourite colours and choose fun or interesting symbols or animals for it – something that you love or means something special to you. For instance, lions painted on a coat of arms traditionally meant courage and strength…maybe the lion is an animal you identify with? Or perhaps you love sports and want a more modern image on your coat of arms? So why not draw your favourite pair of sneakers, to represent speed and strength of spirit, for instance? Or a dog – maybe your dog – to represent loyalty? Or if the environment is important to you perhaps a flower or tree could be your symbol? Be as creative as you want and have fun!
  4. Once you’ve completed your coat of arms, it’s time to fill out the rest of the form. Make sure that a parent or guardian fills in the Parent’s/Guardian’s section and that they’ve read through and agreed to the terms and conditions set by my publisher.
  5. Once you’ve correctly filled out the entry form, just pop it into an envelope and post it to my publisher, Usborne Publishing, in London. Their address is on the entry form.
  6. That’s it! I can’t wait to see your coat of arms (YES, I will see them all!) and the first lucky thousand entries will receive their gorgeous Royal Rebel patch!

Remember to collect all three! There will be another patch ready for you to add to your collection in June, when the second Royal Rebel book, Royal Rebel: Designer, is published. Then get ready for the third book, Royal Rebel: Stylist – and patch! – in September! More news on these exciting upcoming competitions will be posted here and on my social media when we’re closer to the publication dates of the next two Royal Rebel books, so stay tuned!

Get creative and good luck! I can’t wait to see all of your fabulous coat of arms designs!

Royally yours,

Carina x





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    1. Carina Axelsson Post author

      Awww! Thank you so much, Lyla! I appreciate you letting me know. Carina x

  1. jan

    Have one from Waterstones, bought on 3 January. . . sadly unsigned but likely to be on its way to a niece now living in the Philippines. Well travelled book!

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