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Some weeks ago I went to Iceland to do a book tour for the Icelandic publication of Model Under Cover: A Crime of Fashion. My Icelandic publisher, Tindur, invited me last fall; for me it was a real pinch-me kind of moment because I love Iceland and was thrilled to be published in that country. I didn’t hesitate to say YES immediately! Once the book was translated and a publication day was settled on, my book tour was planned, and as the day for my departure loomed all I could think about was how much fun it would be.

I was met at the airport in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, by Helgi, my publisher, and Svava Jónsdóttir, translator of a Crime of Fashion. They whisked me off to my hotel and there I was handed my first copy of A Crime of Fashion. So how did it feel to see Model Under Cover translated into Icelandic: Fabulous! Seeing one of my book babies come to life in another language is super exciting – especially when it’s a country I like as much as Iceland!

I kicked off my book tour with some school visits. Fortunately, all Icelandic kids learn English in school, so everywhere I went everyone spoke flawless English. Lucky me – because my Icelandic is nonexistent! I had a blast buzzing in and around Reykjavik, visiting schools, doing interviews, attending my book launch party and, best of all, meeting some super cool Icelandic readers!

Here’s What I Did:


Carina Axelsson Icelandic

Model Under Cover fun at Icelandic schools – this one just outside of Reykjavik’s city centre.


Carina Axelsson Icelandic

Being interviewed at Reykjavík’s largest book store, Eymundsson.


Carina Axelsson Icelandic Book Tour

At my book launch party, with my Icelandic translator, Svava Jónsdóttir.


Carina Axelsson Icelandic Book Tour Eymundsson

YAY! A Crime of Fashion in the wild, in Reykjavík’s – and Iceland’s – largest bookstore, Eymundsson!


Carina Axelsson Icelandic Book Tour

Picture taken by my translator, the lovely Svava Jónsdóttir…


Carina Axelsson Icelandic Book Tour

Seeing one of my book babies translated into a different language is a fab feeling that never gets old!

During my trip I was mostly in Reykjavík, and, although most of my time was taken up with book work, my publisher made sure I’d also have enough time to squeeze in some sightseeing (how nice is that!?!). My inner culture vulture was delighted! Scroll down to see some of the fun and interesting places I saw.

Sightseeing – Icelandic Style!

Carina Axelsson Icelandic Book Tour

Hellloooo Iceland! Visiting the house of Icelandic Nobel laureate, Halldór Laxness. It’s a super cool house with a strong creative vibe. Love!


Carina Axelsson Icelandic Book Tour

The harbour. The light and colour of the water constantly changes min Iceland, so you have to be quick with your camera to capture a moment.


Carina Axelsson Icelandic Book Tour

A view of the colourful houses and buildings of Reykjavík, as seen from the top of the Hallgrímskirkja church spire. And, yup, this city of about 200,000 inhabitants has no skyscrapers.


Carina Axelsson Icelandic Book Tour

The front facade of Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland’s largest church. It’s stunning on the inside – I’ve never been in a church like it. Click the pic to find out more.


Carina Axelsson Icelandic Book Tour

Love this place, the Ion Adventure Hotel, outside of Reykjavík, with its views over the surrounding countryside and warm natural spring spa – and delicious food.


Carina Axelsson Icelandic Book Tour

I’m always curious to see the rooms other writers write in. This one was the one designed and used by Icelandic Nobel laureate, Halldór Laxness, and his wife, Audur Laxness.


My Top Tips on what to see in Reykjavík…

I love Iceland – it is a magical Island and the people are lovely! If you have the chance to go, GO! I’ve been a few times, and on my previous trips I was lucky enough to spend all of my time in the countryside. The geysers, waterfalls, volcanic landscapes and dramatic coast are magnificent. If you’re tempted by a visit to the Icelandic countryside then I’d recommend a horseback riding tour. Icelandic horses are the BEST! Also, seeing them in large, colourful herds, running free on the rough Icelandic hills is amazing. And riding them makes me feel like I did when I’d ride as a child. There is something about their small size and beautiful long, thick manes and tails and friendly personalities – not to mention the fact that they come in so many lovely colours – that takes me back in time. Writing about them makes me want to go back and visit and ride SOON!

But if you only have time for a quick visit to Iceland, and plan on staying in and around Reykjavík, then, apart from checking out the old city centre – it’s charming, with its laidback pace and quaint wooden buildings – I’d also make sure to include a peek at the following sites (apart from the ones I’ve listed above!):

  1. Hallgrímskirkja. This one is easy because it’s right smack in the middle of Reykjavík. Make sure you go to the top of the spire; you’ll get the best view of the city from there. Also, the pared down interior is very Icelandic in its simplicity and beauty. It’s a stunning church.
  2. Perlan Museum. This fun, interactive museum is just outside of Reykjavík but you can get free shuttle buses from the city. It’s worth going for the view from the observation deck alone, but you’ll also get a crash course in the natural wonders offered in Iceland. It has a good restaurant, too!
  3. Ion Adventure Hotel. This unique boutique spa hotel is about an hour (not more) outside of Reykjavík. Its amazing architecture and stunning location make it worth the drive. I went for dinner – and next time I’ll be sure to stay a night so I can take advantage of their beautiful spa and natural hot spring. It’s a small, chic, yet down to earth hotel. I love it!

I hope you get to visit Iceland! I have no doubt you’ll love it!

Carina x



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