Hi everyone,   Paris was a natural choice for me to use as the backdrop for A Crime of Fashion, the first book in my new fashion detective series, Model Under Cover, because I wrote my first notes about a girl detective called Axelle while I was living there, working in fashion. Beyond this, I love the city’s mix of romance, mystery and culture. I find it all très extraordinaire – even for non-detectives!

Here are five fab reasons to love Paris:

1.) Paris has amazing bakeries on every street corner! When it comes to macarons my motto is: why buy one dozen when you can buy two dozen?


  • 2.) Everything looks better in Paris. Even mundane things like bicycles and pigeons become très chic, dahling, in Paris. I swear I’ve seen Parisian pigeons wear berets!


  • 3.) The women ooze style. Like. Seriously. But if you live there this can sometimes be hard to take. On days when I was feeling particularly fashion-impaired I often felt it would be better for my style-self-esteem to just stay home, eat macarons and read Baudelaire.


  • 4.) Le people of Paris love dogs! And as anyone who has spent about five seconds with me knows – I love dogs, too. (It only takes five seconds because no one can fail to notice that I’m always covered with dog hairs!) So for this reason alone Paris is fab – as long as you watch where you’re stepping in order to avoid les poo-poos.


  • 5.) The lights! Paris is known as the City of Light for good reason. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is the romantic scene-stealer, and during summer, starting at dusk it lights up every hour, on the hour, in the most amazing way. Don’t forget to make a wish as you watch it sparkle!


You can also read about my absolute favourite places to visit in the beautiful City of Light in my “Paris List”.

So book your ticket to Paris now, or just kick back and read some Colette. Either way, have a fabuleux time!

Carina x

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